ok so another thing is i think that people arent actually listening to you you know….ok confusing…err….lets see nooow
ok what i mean is that when a person is listening to you …..not just hearing what you say…i mean when they are really paying attention to you…they still arent totally listening to you….why?…cause everything we feel, do,…..hear are all subject to our own perception…so even when some one is listenign tot you they are really listenign to themselves…..
not like its bad or somthing…all i mean is that everyone will interpret everything based on their views and perceptions…so listening to some one is like listening to yourself anyway…so why not lend a ear… a shoulder… a hand
then there’s the whole…being totally unbiased thing….
i mean yeah you can disregard….discard…all thats in your head and keep a clear mind….but youi know its kinda hard

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