wind up dolls and lalala

-few days bck my frend jill labelled our principle a wind up doll.n i realized the world is infested wit ppl like tht old hag.i cud name a countless no. of ppl.but i jus wont.tired of their shit.
repeatin the same thin on&on…day in n day out.
same jokes….same lectures…same faulse accuses…..they’re killin me.
dont need their advice….dont need advice on how to live wen they contradict themselves.
fine it happens, u make mistakes….but there’s a border line, u cross it, then u become like rest of the 3/4 of dis world. dunno wat they’re sayin but keep repeatin it.
iz like there’s actually a place where they manufacture these fuckin people who cant stop repeatin themselves even though they dnt make sense and it gets them no where.
they are a bunch o machines….makin us a bunch o machines…want us to think da same , be da same,act da same…..wanna wipe out personal identity.
hope i dnt end up like a wind up doll …we’ve got more than enuf of them.
talkin abt machines….we’ve becum so lazy these days. most of us got machines to do 1/2 da shit we used to…n we’re sittin on our lazy asses…supposedly njoyin dis so called life.
we gotta order our takeaways at da drive thru even though da parkin lots empty, and we cant walk a few feet to the practically empty counter. {got tht frm lazy boy…hey he was right}
– hey…hope every1’s doin gud.
i’m BORED….i think i’m gonna die in dis place….bahrain’s like a freakin cage.
i mean i guess there r stuff to do….but if da guys overhere wud jus leave their dicks in their pants we females wudnt hav to be so ‘overprotected’…..yuck i hate tht word.well wat da hell!
wats even more pissin off…is tht da last thing u get is respect…i mean white ppl{no offense intended} get so much respect….da rest of the expats r treated like shit….thts bullshit……but thtz not always da case…there are exceptions.
well i guess no one wants to listen to dis shit. i was thinklin abt music…n iz pissin off how ppl listen to shit tht doesnt make sense…like britney n all…they sing abt da same thin over n over again…k maybe u like da tunes or watver…but arent u sick of hearin da same thin…why cnt ppl listen to those who sing abt life…who cud actually change u 4 da better?noooooooooo we’re too shallow 4 tht.
there i go wit my negative self…fuckit i’m gonna zip it…iz fun writin though!!
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