now kabooom

i wont blame religion…..we have this habit for personifying things that we have made or what we just feel…we give them characters… is evil, religion fucks with you, love is blind….
to me its seemed that basically every religion was created with good intensions…for harmony…for people to live life, be all that they are…to feel fulfilled…but advocators of religions, whether they are focused on a single god or many..or none…..they take advantage of the human need for belonging along with a fear of the unknown and supress people. rules based on fear, people forget why they do what they do, why they dress up well for church on sundays, why they wore the veil in the first place….its become a game of wanting to be accepted…..of feeling safe in ur insecurity and defining who you are based on labels……labels of race, religion, age…
but these things…..have been built up over ages, maybe for good or bad….or maybe starting of good and going bad….
now i’m gonna personify religion for the sake of easy referance
what i dont get is how i’ve found religions condemning the human race…at the same time telling us to live life fully, appreciate our abitlity to do so much, at the same time we are vile creatures who should spend our lives repenting for the sins of our first parents……the contradictions are ridiculous
now i can mainly only talk about christianity cause i was taught about it from grade one to 11… nuns too..ha…and u wonder why blasphemy amuses me so much….
since the beginning we’re told we’re blessed creatures…but we’re born with original sin… a ritual of cleansing like baptism cleans of the suffering we deserve for eve disobeying god, and wanting her partner to just share in her experience, and him accepting it…..
this all forgiving god, for a single ‘sin’, would cause a punishment that would last forever?mmmhmmm
then if we’re cleansed why is it that throughout we’re encouraged to suffer, die in the name of ur god and u get a ticket to heaven….eevrydaywe ar to pray for forgiveness…continuous repentance is repeated in the creed, (a christian prayer that covers pretty much all thts mentioned in the bible about christ)
history is recounted and continuosly bore into our heads, while the lessons become less important…
doing anything becomes a reason for avoiding punsihment from god, and for hope of eternal life in heaven
i’ve said it before and i’ll say it again cause to me it only makes sense to belive in what u feel….i feel within everyone theres a basic connection to eachother and themselves, i’ve felt it….
i can believe in things i cant see, but not things i dont feel….
heaven, hell……..dont make sense to me
i’ve felt that its all right here…..the world always has two sides….good n bad, hot n cold,
and within this world, u’ll suffer, u’ll have pleasure…and alot of times we refuse ourselves the simple pleasures cause we’e looking at big things…..piles of money, status…. and then with relioug preachers imposing how vile humans are, people have aso got into the habit of denying themselves of the right to just feel good
i dunno where i’m going with all of this…but i feel that alot of what we’re taught…society in its initial attempts for harmony, secuirty, continuance of humanity has gone too far to ensure it all…that ppl have alomost learned to crave pain…we deserve the silent treatment for goign against the flow, self punishment, starvation , self mutilation…in striving for balance, i feel people loose their balance…
i think the beuty in life is that it just is what it is…nothings fully balanced, there mayeb two sides, maybe three…..but it’ll tilt a little more to either way….and its ok…it needs to be accpeted, and loved as it is…..then only can u do what people like to repeatedly say and not do….’live life to the fullest’…..look around at whats there….and not some perfection u want it to reach
i went from religion to life to people cause i dont know where to start or end….
i feel our lives revolve aorund a false son and not the star that is….
where did we begin to fall apart?……where did our axis shift?
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