i must be mistaken
but its just that i’m unsure about how to take it
i want to be it all for you…and i dont want to judge
it wasn’t unexpected
infact its something that i quetsioned
and i should be more than glad that with out flinching i’ve been told the truth
but whats even more true….is like i herad some where…..we hope…we hope beyond the forces of nature, beyond common sense and logic that dreamily we’ll float above whats really going to happen…and even knowing whats predictable…we fall back a little knowing what we’ve known all along…
and still we’ll drink freezing water to quench our thirst in the cold…and no one will give up their daily cup of tea or coffee in the smouldering summer days….
i want to be just a friend…and suprisingly i’ve asked for none of this…when i’ve stopped asking questions……and just alllowing myself to feel…this is where the problem lies…i know why…but i don’t want to feel…so i don’t want to know…cause i don’t want to care….
but i do
and still i want to be the best
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