u turn

loner…happy loner
always got a kick from going at it alone…always saw beauty in it’s true meaning when alone
always solved my mystery revealing more of the shadow of the earth when alone…
a pleasure in solitude, space…….considered such a ‘human’ thing…..is so animalistic…….animals have their way….more than people they go by instinct….our over devoloped brains could ease up a bit and listen to ourselves once in a while……animals have their territory…their zone…so it’s not unnatural to want ur space/…my life unfolds in my space

my thoughts maintain my sanity…over thinking tips me over the edge but i always come back
and i…happy loner love the burn of liquor down my throat which i can only enjoy when alone….
alone….i stare straight into the sun challenging it to burn my eyes…..alone…the sunrise and sunset seeps colours through my nerves that make a few mintues seem like a never ending sea of beauty….alone melting chocolate…..creamy , thick, rich life in every form is what i enjoy…and i enjoy it alone…….

but for one moment there i wanted to share the life that i felt in every waking bit of my body, the dreams that kept me running, alive and asleep, lonely and accompanied…i wanted to share..i chose two ways for the first time…..to share
i felt in my gut that if i lost this feeling it would be to something genuine…soemthing that could actually break a friendship, uproot it to make it’s everything disappear into nothing, but make the warmth remain……
but i lost it to a nothing, cause u didnt have the balls to face an image u couldn’t put together, cause u said words that u didnt have to take back but could walk away from cause i’m an everchanging fool, bendable, edible, but with roots….a contradiction just like u and everyone else….

and so u walk away and i stay…still relishing the beauty of life…..still finding another word to the word that i repeat so often…life….
i didn’t loose you….u never loose anyone cause u never own them….u own what u learn from them….so u’re still a part of me…ot rather part of u is still part of me…so let’s party…. i’ll drink again…..and once in a while i’ll drink with u my friend….

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