i’m a creature of change…and right now the feeling of …how do i put, the temptation to resist change is setting in…just because i smile once in a while, that smile that feels utmost genuine makes me  want to resist change…
its holding me back, dont feel like moving on anything…..on the road, in an elevator, don’t want to move
but then one voice beckons to me and i wanna see that too….leave evrything behind for just one thiing…
we’re human…always wanting more…..
but is it selfish when u know u have larger heavier doors to open and refuse to let go of little bursts of hapiness…..
home is not home, my room is my home, outside it everything is alien terrain…or im an alien in foreign terrains……
my mind=my world….my work= my espression
the rest of the world with its mathematical settings and fixed and framed pictures is an ugly backdrop that drapes all thats natural….
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2 thoughts on “chamillion

  1. i dont know how the begining is connected to the ending – maybe im just too sleepy to understand. but really like the last 3 lines, or the way u wrote it at least.but when u think about it: everyone being different were still somehow connected by one common feature – being different. in that sense everyone isnt in their terrain. everyone and everywhere is alien for everybody. living in the mathemetical setting arranged so that life moves on and the world goes around why should one get fixed into such framed backdrops? why sould one be a chamillion to suit diff settings and not change colours all the time?idk where im going with all this. maybe i shudve just gone to sleep…..i had a point. i just lost it along the way i guess.

  2. hey….well whatever your point was im glad u liked it…i dont know what i was tryna write myself and re readin it i definitely have some corrections and additions.i agree…we’re all human or some sort of animals….pretty much the same….building our own ground, ever changing….but instead of accepting differences we wanna make and manipulate common ground instead of just letting things be….and accepting eachother…letting eachother be all one canand im not sure how it came across but i didnt mean that you just have to change to suit different setting, you can change ur settings…or you can chnage urself based on what u learn and experience, you can go further if you want to know more about yourself and i feel change is inevitable, we should welcome it, but some times you resist because you think this is just how good things are gonna get…and you just feel like accepting whatever else seems out of place…thats how i felt this morning but tonight its flipped 360 degrees…goodnight

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