circular mirrors…

there are some people who you can get to know with out asking or interacting with those around them……they don’t need others to reflect who they are but are completely themselves in everything they do, they are all of them infront of you…..
mind you this is not about originality…nobody is a ‘pure blood’…we all got a little of some one or something else in us but we all combine the chemicals differently based on what we learn or even unlearn….
i haven’t met many like that though…..and then again i can only speak for myself….
everyone has layers, but what these layers are made up of defer from person to person…..
hmm well i guess thats one way to look at it… is also fair to say that people reveal themselves differently to different people….based on maybe first impressions, the vibes they get off of others, how or if the people they interact with even reciprocate to their actions……so many things depend on so many things….
i for one rely on vibes, my gut…..sometimes i’ve been proven wrong…or how i like to say i am partially mistaken cause i always seem to find some strong truth in the direction that my gut points me to……and since it’s only been recently that i’ve gotten back in touch with or acknowledged my instinct i kinda get excited by even the tiniest bit of truth i find in what she reveals to me….she…or he…..or just it…..
it would be great to just be, but to be you have to be recieved, and i don’t think it’s intentional but people tend to rely on these social mirrors to let themselves unfold… the same time i prefer the explanation of how its not just the person but its the situation they are in, those whom they are ‘revealling’ themselves to…

 to just take people as they are would probably help them be as they are, truely themselves, but we have these little poleroid pictures of things in our heads and even with out knowing some one we have expectations of them, or the situations we find ourselves in…but i just feel that accpetance is the starting point of great relationships, it’s that push that sends things rotating in a circle….you accept some one as they are, they wanna be as they are, they tend to return the acceptance, you tend to want to be as you are, both or all involved can be all they want to be and the richest colours spill from our guts……this author….who claims to be bisexual….(forgive me i dont remember her name) said that she loves her fiance not because he is a ‘he’ but because of the person he is and if this person was in the female form i’m guessing she’d love ‘her’ just as much…..makes sense….this sin’t jsut about that kind of love…..but about all relationships
everything is a cycle,….(from mirrors to cycles…typical verbal excretions)…. you can start one or end one, but circluar movement is in nature, life cycles, water, the orbits of planets………why not triangular, or rectangular or as polygons??…because a circle is the simplest and most effortless shape….it’s light, bouncy., not edgy (less attitude)…it takes no sides….just goes on and on and on…..remember we’re not talking about patterns and elements, we’re talking about processes, communication, interaction and free living….and nature seems to dance in circular motion to a tune that we sing with it….everything’s interdepent….mirrors are for self reflection…….
zip… alot more to learn….don’t want to draw any conclusions….
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6 thoughts on “circular mirrors…

  1. u should really send this to a magazine..maybe fridays or sumthing. get it published. im pretty sure it will. i liked it a lot. its what we all know really but youve put it down in words nicely…. or maybe thats just my hindsight bias-ness talking.i think ppl get lost in who they ‘really’ are while revealing themselves to these differnt mirrors. with some you express your true feelings, but with others you ‘change’ or manipulate rather your statements to suit them. its not like this gives you some sort of great gratification or sumthing, but its just easier to go with what they believe, or make it seem like you believe what they believe, simply to save yourself from having to justify yourself. and potential embarrasement if you cant justify yourself. but sometimes its not that you cant justify what your saying, its just that they are not willing to look at it through your point, and discard everything you say. and at other times, you just dont have to justify, or dont have any reason behind you opinion. its just…gutt feelings as you say. but one has to admit that this is never enough. its never enough to say this is because i think it is, or i believe it is. there always has to be a reason, a justification, an explaination. and its part of this circle. the circle of events that arise from an explaination of another event. it never ends. only if ppl were like glass instead of mirrors, transparent and clear. those unsaid would be understood. but those that should be hidden will also be seen. transparency all of a sudden isnt that appealing anymore.

  2. thanx man…its crazy isn’t it….how much we need to feel like we belong some where, to soemthing….it becomes so important to make ourselves clear or unclear….love what you said….".it never ends. only if ppl were like glass instead of mirrors, transparent and clear. those unsaid would be understood. but those that should be hidden will also be seen. transparency all of a sudden isnt that appealing anymore. "to reveal whats hidden shouldn’t be a bad thing..we’re open to things that aren’t very different from what we already know or our some how linked to what we know about life and stuff…..and avoid things that may challenge our beliefs, or thoughts.

  3. i think thats because weve always belonged to somewhere or someone. but then its not really u can avoid. thats the way nature is: like u said: orbits of the planets, water, life…everything. and this has to do esspecially with the life cycle. at birth we belong to our mothers if not our parents and that is the very begining of the belonging cycle. and our parents belonged to their parents and their parents belonged to their parents…and the line xtends. even if u do not have children you still belong: to ur occupation, to society. but then again…that is the whole point of life isnt it? to belong. imagine if e didnt belong. it would be a lonely life, and life is not lonely. yes you may feel lonely at times. you may go back to an empty house, feel like nobody understands you, get wet in the rain by yourself – but that still doesnt make life lonely. there will always be others, other people. minding their own bussiness they may be, but they will still be around. maybe thats why we find it important to feel that sence of belonging? ofcourse all this is reversed if we lived in complete isolation…but how many ppl REALLY live like that? and would it be a ‘life’? even if it is…would it be a good one?

  4. i don’t believe in that…the point of life is not to belong….its to live life (atleast in my opinion)……belonging is just a part of life……thats why i spoke so much about acceptance…..we could and should belong eveyrwhere but we set limits on who belongs where and make our worlds smaller…neither do i believe we belong to our parents when we’re born to them……just because something is our responsibility doesn’t mean it belongs to us…..the whole world takes a part in the process of giving life, being born, killing…in some way or the other, and dying…..all our actions bounce off of eachother and our lives goes on….i dont believe belonging is part of nature as you put it…but i can see it as part of nature in the sense that we belong to the world…the world is a sum of the parts..and theres even more….you know yogis and spiritual people and stuff…..they’ve explored the mind…..they dig deep into themselves instead of excavating the world and they’ve broken barriers within their minds…theres so much to each one of us and so much to the world…its like world within worlds….i must be makin you dizzywhen you give birth to a’s here now….and you’re the nearest thing there to let it know, ‘hey welcome to the world…tiem to live’…but when you think that he/she belongs to you…then it’s like…’ok here are the groundrules to ‘live’"…and frankly thats what alot of people do….a simpler example is let’s say i draw something….it’s a product of somthing i’m trying to express…it comes from me, is part of me…and yeah i’d say it belongs to me but it can be anything it wants to be (but it has no life) so it can be anything you want it to be…what i mean is you can interpret it in any way you want it to…it’s about free living…free expressionkhalil gibran (in the only work of his i read,,ya shame on me…i should read more) said about children…’your children are not your children, they sons and daughters of life’s longing for itself,they come through you but not from you, and though they are with you yet they belong not to you…you may give the your love but not your thoughts, for they have their own thought (tht ofcourse is influenced not just by you but the whole world)……… may hosue their bodies but not their souls, for their souls dwell in the house of tomoro, which you cannot visit not even in your dreams, you may strive to be like them, but seek not to make them like you, for life goes not back ward nor tarries with yesterday…you are the bows from which your children were sent forth as living arrows are sent forth….’…there….its like we are mediums for eachother…to bring stuff out of eachother…but no one and nothing really owns anyone but the world (a small term for soemthing that holds everything and truth be told we dont know what everything is)….even about society and stuf…sure you’re there….you’re part of it…btu you can be part of everything……it’s sad if you let yourself belong to just one thing….you’re part of this world…the entire universe…these little cliques of belonging limit us…those little boxes should be just a part of it….the reason i think acceptance is so important is simply because we were born into a room of people, we live among people…we’re social creatures…and its when we bounce experiences, ideas and thoughts off of eachother we grow….imagine a person falls from the idea where one started…but falls into a place with no one…just trees and stuff…the person wouldn’t look for other people, he/she would just go about thinking they’re the only one there….sorry for makin it so long but i ahd to put a point accross….well its just my belief thats all..

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