wired to clocks

for ages you know some one… but the inconvenient truth of the matter is that they do not know you and you do not know them….they think they know you as they know themselves, they match similar points and assure you ‘we’ve been through the same thing’…and you move your hand away….so ticked off that you can’t express anger, so exhausted because it’s been a decade of trying to show them that you are you, they are who they are and that is that…..even if you went through the same things, same ideas or experiences, it was for different reasons, it was at a different time…and you find your self having to explain yourself each and everytime…it gets frustrating
and after an hour of conversation you wonder if their ears bled a tear or their eyes heard a single word as it is, did they truely process what you said or were they oblivious to the obvious as before?….
you think 60 minutes, 1200 seconds..big numbers, big time…(depending on how much you value time)…..in this valuable time you hope that they may have actually learnt soemthing about you.
but tommorow morning comes and as predictable as the sun, so is how they interact with you… the only thing that changed was that after long you had hope again, but hey whats hope when its broken? it’s another particle in the air…
true…it is..nothing is what it seems….everything is bound by one’s perception….but yet we find common ground…….or else human existence, communication, understanding would be impossible to achieve… if, for instance, to me the table is a chair while you just see it as a table when you want me to go buy a table and i bring you what you see as a chair…then there’ll be a misunderstanding…….we may put things to different uses but in the end we atleast maintain a common idea, or definition.
but people are more complex and thats where the trouble sets in. life cannot be defined by a single world….people cannot be defined by a single word or experience, or action….yet when it comes to understanding others we try to break things down..divide, categorize, match and compare and ignore what doesn’t fit our schemas….why do we take the trouble to cause trouble, when we could simply learn to avoid or limit expectations, give eachother the benefit fo the doubt, give eachother some space….let people breath? ha! i guess i’m trying to simplify the complexity myself. i could wear any colour in the world…from green to red to purple, but people just assume that i am always in black….and on an odd day when they notice a different colour they act with suprise. a little example is all it is, but well…suprise suprise…..truth be told you’re one of the little blind mice.
though i’ve been told i’m too critical of the human race, people are more open minded than i give them credit for..or maybe i expect more than needed in all my efforts to try and not expect….
always seem to find
the boxes in their minds
with the lids half open
one end always tied, to some formidable root.
and maybe im just hoping for a window of unlimited in a world that may actually be limited….maybe….
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