so my friend tells me u can’t detach urself from everything…..i think u can…but probably she meant it more as u shouldn’t than u couldn’t….which i can’t disagree too cause its a matter of personal choice and well the truth is if u’re totally detached from everything, there’s no point in anything, so just play dead or die cause u’re dead weight…

why do we detach….i think in certain cases being un emotional can save you alot of energy, drama, emotional blah blah, be practical and i think it’s easier to move on when u attach less meaning to things like people leaving for good, an embaressing moment, tasting disgusting food….stuff like that, people can go ooonn and oon about a time they tripped convinced they were watched by the entire world…..but truth is some poeple forget, some people remember and others dont care or are too conscious about themselves to be bothered about u.
what’s in the departure of a close friend, a family member? people come people go, things come things go, satisfaction….may not be the only thing, but we can never have enough…or while we’re with the people we don’t do all we wanted….probably dont go out as much as we wanted, or talk, or let go, say what we feel and mean….so involved in momentary pretence or pre occupations, that when they’re gone we realise that with so much in and out of the moment, in and out movement, we couldn’t enjoy the moment, feel it as it is, missed out…and then i guess u miss them. well all this is from my experience, i know a thing or two about missing people and it’s been when our interactions have been incomplete….
life, hmmm, feelings. but when can the process of knowing some one ever be complete? people may be predictable to certain degree after 5 minutes or 5 years of knowing them. but experiences can change people drastically. sometimes you just loose interest in people, or something breaks your relationship with them, so bad, that you would rather not know.
with attachment, comes expectations, hopes, demands or actions in hope that they’d do the same for you. whether they are family or friends or strangers it seems more worth it than instead of naming them a role, or being too rigid about your expectations from them, it can help alot to see them as people, individuals, who will come and go through your life, learn from them, even if they talk rubbish half the time, if you pay attention something can be learnt from everyone.
but some prefer the closeness, i guess. the beliefs and expectations. they don’t mind the tears and discomfort that may follow when things change. like i said it all comes down to your choice. i thought there was only one way of getting through life. of knowing people. but there are many. no way is absolutely right or wrong, some may be better than others, but in the end you can choose which ever way suits you and accept the consequences of your choice.

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