there’s this craving to do something in every space i find, this craving to write something or draw something…..and i’ve written and written a lot, on things that are less abstract than the internet…and on online too…..hi5 to MSN spaces and now here……just ’cause….

i have a billion things to say all the time and this is the only way to narrow down the thoughts and keep them flowing, so i’m just going to start with a ‘hi’…..and spill out an idea of the ‘me’ behind this blog that will blurt out stuff from time to time….

i wonder how many people actually read first blogs……but if you have and do read them and continue to read more and find links to another blog of mine….read them too if u feel like it….’i’ love opinions that oppose mine, i love being right and also being wrong…ok no….not fond of that but then after the initial bummed-out feeling, i’m delighted by the acquisition of a new perspective……

so me….i wrote this before and then deleted the post because i just didn’t like how it sounded…but as you may have noticed i hardly write in caps lock..and i include a lot of d…o..t..s..(dots)..(i can hear u say ‘no shiiit’)     …why?…well i like how everything looks with out it (caps lock), and i have this weird idea about how i started my sentence when i first learnt to write one…and the real full stop will come when i can no more write…hopefully that won’t be before i die…..and i also like writing ‘I’ as ‘i’… just makes more sense to me …..of course when it comes to official documents and formal blah blahs i don’t try to act like a smart ass…..

oh and you’re allowed to see it in whichever way you like but i intended poisonuranus as ‘poison your anus’ (don’t eeww at me) and not ‘poison Uranus’ or ‘Poison! you ran us!’ ……but i’m guessing you must have figured that out…you smarty pants you….

ok well the sun’s up where i’m at so….GOODMORNIN’…..and ‘toodles!’ …for now….boomtitiboomtitiboom


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