ticking changes

time’s a funny thing isn’t it..?..

you think some things are going to last forever….i mean you know that nothing does, or has in your life, but you just think maybe there is something out there that you can’t grasp solidly, like a feeling, or the presence of a person because it can’t decay or wear out like the other more ‘real’ things you can see, smell and touch…but i guess the facts of nature, and all that’s alive apply to everything….i guess a sheet of plain A4 sized paper can lack or hold depth in it….and it all depends on us, what we want to do with this ‘thing’. how we would like to perceive it…

and the same goes for the respect you held for a person, the love you had for ice cream, all the letters and cards you’ve saved for 10 – 15 or more years, the attachment deters, unless there is something to reinforce that respect, love, or any feeling, even hate.

and i see it as a good thing, the fact that our emotions can change, our feelings are mobile means that we are probably naturally programmed to accept the fact that things change, people change, people, including ourselves, and so whether we want it or not, change in everything, in some way or the other is inevitable..i’m not sure but i think at some point i hated change, we’d move home almost every two years except for one house, where i had the most memories because we lived there for 8 years. now if i had a say in it i would never move, but now i’ve grown accustomed to change. in the past 3 years it has been 4 different apartments and now i crave change.

and what of those who squirm at the thought of change, or despise it? i’d tell them to embrace it. it’s like if you learn to see the beauty in things (even in people who chew loudly or cough with out shutting their mouths) you’d learn to accept them (to some extent…) things become pleasant, peaceful…..ok i’m not saying that change is always going to be good, but it’s when i started to allow it to happen, things got exciting, life seemed colourful again….and this change applies to, like i said, people, things, countries. change keeps the ball rolling, you may not always go forward but its more fun than being complacent.

i guess the sands of time do little, but the winds and the tides can bring about some movement…


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