and we’re insane?

what turns our brains 180 degrees and brings us to the point where there may be just a black out or a white flash as the only warning, that from now on, it’s downstream, or up stream (depending on how u see it)…you’re going to act in a manner classified as insane, neurotic, but you won’t care, you need something, maybe order, or disorder, or chaos beyond chaos.

we’ve all at least dipped our toes in some kind of behaviour that breaks the barriers of rationality, and if we haven’t acted on them we’ve at least had thoughts that would make Eli Roth (the man behind ‘Hostel 1’ &  ‘2’  also starring in ‘inglorious bastards’) seem small and insignificant. and maybe what separates those behind bars or asylums is just the fact that some of us act on it and some of us don’t for whatever reasons, be it our situations, those around us……oh please don’t tell me you think murderers, serial killers, rapists and all are simply results of those individual themselves and has nothing to do with the surrounding the world… takes two hands to clap……

action and thought divide people..but maybe we all are more similar than we think we are…..

anyway….this all starts from the movie, ‘the antichrist’…a movie by Lars Von Trier that i was fortunate (or as some easily disturbed people may say…unfortunate) enough to be able to watch……it’s a brutal movie, brutal in it’s nature, from everything through the events to the aspects of the human psyche, anxiety and depression and the reality, it all doesn’t just ‘seem’ possible…it is possible……how guilt can drive you to certain extents, how u can fuck with your mind, how little things can go a long way, or how little actions can represent a person’s wider extreme emotions can that can throw anyone off the edge……

i won’t spoil it for you by giving you details, but for those who are highly religious and stuff…well get off your high seats…it doesn’t have much to do with religion as the name may suggest…..and for the squeamish…well maybe you shouldn’t watch it…….but who ever you are don’t simply jump into conclusions about the movie, watch it patiently and let it drive u to the extremes it probably intends to……for those who enjoy art films… may be used to this…enjoy…here’s the trailor (the trailor hardly gives u an idea about what the movie really is about)

more on my take on insanity..?….check this out >!FA69439F57C316DA!370.entry


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