alone….maybe…maybe not….

aah there it is again, that feeling, to be held. just held, hugged, tightly, tight enough to squeeze the soap out of the sponge and leave it dry, ready to soak up more of whatever, and get on with it’s life.

nothing emotional, just physical. who knows maybe it’s actually to cater an emotional need. but that’s all you want sometimes. just an intense emotional experience with a stranger. maybe it’s lust, and desire, but i feel it’s beyond that as well. this need to just let it all out beautifully, not harmfully, not to just express happiness or anger or sexual frustration, but some times so many feelings that you may not even have words for pile up. and no one can understand or you can’t share it in a  better way than with a stranger, whom you have no ties with.

well i guess that depends on each individual right? i mean maybe for me a stranger brings more comfort than some one i know and for you it may be vice versa. i believe we are all truly alone, we each effect each other’s lives in some way or the other,and maybe that’s fate. when we do all we can and things still don’t go our way, maybe that’s because all the little or large actions carried out by all of us have a ripple effect, and that’s why things may just not go our way and fate maybe one word to sum up the ripple effect of everything around us. (yeah i should probably leave that for another post).

i just think that each individual is on their own. we interact with the wider world, with some more than others, with a few more than the some, and maybe with one or two more than the few. (hope that made sense)

or maybe this applies to only those who believe that we are all truly alone. maybe…..maybe because i’m alone, my life will go down the way of a solitary soul, and for those who believe we’re never alone will live a totally different kind of life. and that’s not a bad thing…u choose the kind of life you want…and hopefully it’ll go the way you want it to…maybe not exactly, but to some extent.


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