the freedom to choose

you get to this point in life when u realize that you really have nothing…the ‘something’s you possess are normally ‘purchases’ from your parent’s account, or something you worked for…but when i say you have nothing, i mean, you realize that your identity is like a picture that has or is developing in your head, but it’s barely been established.of course your identity will change from time to time but the ‘who’ you are is under construction.

at that point, you can’t hold on to your/your parents’ bank account, your room, your violin, your traffic-cone….you’re taking steps to make something of yourself, to get somewhere….you’re steps, are your choices, the ones you make, break, are committed to, the direction you plan or impulsively take,
and at this point ‘choices’ are everything. every fucking thing. and when that’s taken from you …what do u have?
if a person makes the choice to choose. and takes responsibility for it and is committed to both choices, and changes one’s choices at their will with no harm caused to no one…(.if ever, some one needs and decides to bare the repercussions of the choices made, the ‘choosee’ takes it up.)..
then why is it not given to them?….it’s all you have, especially now….you don’t want to sit around making compromises …you think enough as it is, you just want the train tracks to end and let the train fall off the bridge, or collide with another..
you ride your vehicle, you learn the ways of the road you choose….you meet the gypsies, the devils on the road sides, you learn, love fight, succumb, thrive, die, are re born…it’s your choice….that’s all you want. the freedom to choose, to fall, break and live….and then and there the needle comes to stitch the opening wound when u want it to be infected. or the metal jams into the the bones that have just started to grow. what are u supposed to do…?
fuck! take anything, my little money, my under-used instruments, but for fuck’s sake not my choices….not the small ones or the big ones.

4 thoughts on “the freedom to choose

  1. ha! okaywhat i’m saying in the third para is… 1) before making any choice is made, a person first makes a choice to choose. so before we actually make a choice, we decide (or choose) to choose.2) after that we make a choice on something. and we take responsibility for that choice. meaning, whether things turn out for good or bad, we accept responsibility for it, take matters into out own hands. if anything goes wrong, we make sure that it affects no one but short the we/the individual takes entire resposnibility of making a decision, and takes charge of the results of making this decision whatever they might be. then the person should be granted this freedom to choose.the para ends saying that sometimes the results of the choice may be bad, but you still want to be able to make that choice, jsut because you want to see what will happen.hope it makes sense (stoned or not)

  2. but you still want to be able to make that choice, jsut because you want to see what will happen… today world implication it loks like thats pretty much wht it is all aboout doin only wht u wanna do & acceptin responsibilty for tht bunch of shit..fukkk thts a really cliche…wat say

  3. yep…i know in todays world it kinda is like that, but im not talking about those who are out there, who are doing what they want, who have established their identities and jobs or whatever, i’m talking about those who are starting to find ourselves, figure where we want to go or who may not yet have jobseverything’s a cliche, something i learnt to accept recently…..we use cliches because no matter how annoying they sound, they seem or simply are appropriate…annoying but true 🙂

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