wrongs are alright

yeah i have that blogger-arrogance…. what i say is what i say…what i say is ‘right’…in my mind

but the beauty of being wrong is something else altogether….don’t u think?
he said that he always loved being wrong (bullshit… he, having a significant amount of ego couldn’t be like that, but he surely wished he was that way)….but i liked his reason…he said, when you’re right, you’re just right but… when you’re wrong, there must have been a slip up some where and you need to make a correction. and for that to happen you have to learn something new,, in short, when you’re wrong you learn something….
and learning something new should be a good feeling right?…riiiighttt…not always the case…
maybe it’s not the fact that you learnt something new that bugs you, but it’s the fact that you let yourself down, or some one else let you down, by proving you wrong….
and maybe the very technique in which we communicate rights and wrongs doesn’t encourage us to want to learn. not knowing something, or making a mistake is seen as simply bad, shameful. how many times have you, for instance, not known the meaning of the word, or the director of a movie or a ‘famous’ song?…..and on expressing the lack of this knowledge you get a "you don’t know that?"…like "OMG" that is like so not like cool like gosh keep up""…and how many times have you pretended like you in fact, do know the word, director or song…..? just so you don’t get the unwanted, condescending reply…
it’s our systems, our ways of communicating, i think, that are one of the reasons we grow less than we can. and when i say grow i don’t mean horizontally or vertically…i mean in terms of experience..whether you like it or not, learning is an interactive process….even if it’s you and a book, someone had to write that book….
you can’t ever literally know it all, and learn this ‘all’ in an isolated room..
and i’m right ,in my head/my world…most of the time…but there’s something to learn from everyone you come accross….
depends on how open you are to being a teacher…and how willing a student you are to have me as your teacher….we’re not all just friends, foes, family (yeah when it comes to family they need a seperate category)…..we’re a bunch of walking, talking lessons…

2 thoughts on “wrongs are alright

  1. heyyyy shit how is it werevr u are hey really enjoyin the reads yo seriously man ehheheh bin watchin a few things on something a lil related…..heyyyy keepppp em coming dnt ever fukin stop….

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