rust in pieces?

so you get hurt…you bring up the walls…
you’re only human, you got to look after yourself. walls are better than those who let themselves get hurt again and again and again…
but maybe it wasn’t the person involved in this ‘happening’ that lead you to the ‘hurting’, maybe you made the mistake… did make the mistake..
no i’m not one who believes that only one person is to blame for everything, it’s always two or more. and if only two people are involved, i think instances where only one person is solely responsible (or more responsible than the other) for something going wrong (or even right) is when one person is an adult and the other is a child. of course, the adult being the one who should know better.
but what about when you’re old enough? of course you make mistakes even when you’re older, but you have more experiences to rely on to make better decisions….and you make mistakes and you learn. so if the road you took had a fallen tree blocking it….doesn’t mean you give up altogether. try another road….if the bread you ate was stale, you can’t give up eating bread altogether…maybe checking the expiry date would do you good next time….
we make mistakes to learn…not to completely give up…..
we make mistakes to re-try, to not make the same mistake, but change our strategy so we don’t go down the same road….but try a new one… or maybe create a new aim..
unless, say you did something that was just meant to never be done…that’s different.
and this applies to people as well…if you were hurt by some one, you may have very well approached the wrong kind of person…..and when the right kind person comes around, you intentionally block your ability to feel any warmth, you try to turn your blood cold. and you hurt…you know you hurt…
thing about hurt, or rather, pain, is that it serves as a warning. people with CIPA for instance,  feel no pain. {} they tend die young….because a lot of the times they get hurt (physically) they don’t feel it, and they can’t attend to it, and this damages their bodies…..or they die of hypothermia, because of their inability to sweat.
what i mean to say is that normally, if something hurts you, then it can’t be good for you….either the feeling is not good for you so you need to take the necessary action to get rid of the pain or you need to lessen it till it stops…. you need to change your course of action, you need to stop forcing yourself to turn cold.
and life isn’t a smooth ride. i think you get an equal amount of good and bad, but the bad sticks in our heads/hearts more .(naturally, we would be more alert to such stuff to protect ourselves or those we care about…defense mechanisms..) but if we don’t cherish and embrace the good, then we’d be quite miserable i think….
if i’d only take my own advice…..ha! yeah…if only….
sing repetitive versus about not turning cold
you will keep growing old.
the bitterness is fine,
but sweetness strikes the balance..
but you stand, with such nonchalance
you age, unlike a tree
but more like iron.
you rust and break away….waste away……
and it’s all unnecessary… find your balance  ..
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