draw the line

the raw, from the ripe, the stale, from the fresh; the colours, the scents, the size…acting as indications.

the cost of consuming what won’t suit are insides is high…if not too high…simply undesirable.
we’ve learnt to discriminate things to survive.
we…humans, animals alike
learnt….grew to, evolved, trial and error
discriminate…differentiate, categorize, separate, distinguish one from another…and treat these differences differently. throw the apple with the worm hole in it, save the fresh fragrant one.
things….anything, and everything…and this has extended to everyone.
for survival….well we’re here now…gotta make it through..or die.
consistency, uniformity…the same sames = security that can feel so divine
shame shame on humanity, never learnt to draw the line…
and so we’ve discriminated, we’ve categorized and made ‘sense’ of our world.
some discrimination may be necessary. (see apple example above <- how textbook-like of me), and some is not…. like the generalizations we make about people, the steroetypes, the prejudice (the process of discarding and disregarding the value of everyone)… agreed, all of this may have initially come about for some purpose. before it was about expanding our boundaries, gaining territory….(obviously sharing is not an option…yes, i’m being sarcastic)…they "needed" to kill, take hostage, use people as slaves….(more sarcasm)…..but fine…that was 100s and 1000s of years ago. now when we can establish a world of mutual existence, if not complete but at least a certain level of equality…we’re still living in lopsided, brutally unequal worlds…some of us being much much more privileged than others ’cause we have penises, or we’re Caucasian, or daddy works in the government.
i believe that more than anything, one thing you learn about life from simply living (and this is not to suggest that i’m one of those ‘always live life to the fullest’ kind of people)…but by simply moving from one point to another, feeling and existing, you learn that nothing’s stagnant….
systems maybe be consistent but not the exactly the same. at least by one degree, things will shift.
 it’s how we change evolve, and its fucking beautiful and higly unexpected. and because of that, and even for things that are always changing, for those involved, those from these different categories we’ve put them into or put ourselves into, they can’t be defined absolutely with out making allowance for change.
what i mean to say is we can change our sad-ass outlook on life, of getting higher than one another, expanding differences, and realize that we’re all different but yet the same. human, living organisms, on the same planet…and who knows there may be other living things else where…who knows what’s really what….but we can’t place a value on anyone based on these stupid little differences. our colour, height and size and gender is not what defines us. it may be part of us, and certain physical factors can affect who we are ’cause that’s our biology, but any differentiation beyond that is simply ridiculous. our cultures, educational backgrounds and other life experiences from childhood to whichever point in life we are , makes us who we are…..
you want to differentiate people…..judge them on the who they are…and not the what that they are…
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