a link-less linkage to my thoughts

i know, none of this…or maybe just bits of this or all of this will make sense.

abstract….it’s all abstract…..and it takes this shapeless shape so you can fit it into your lives, relate to it as you want to. let it take whatever shape you want it to. let it be the missing puzzle piece or a puzzle in itself…
and i know that this feeling would have never existed if i did not exist. i know that your worries, your pain would not be there if i was not there.
i just added another block to  the stone wall you needed to shatter.
i had no intention of doing so.
i only wanted to ease the pain, and then gradually take it away.
i was given no choice over my birth.
none of us were given the choice.
some of us dismiss the lack of choice and give it meaning.unquestioningly bless ourselves with the belief that we were put here for a purpose. god’s hand-made dolls…..
and some of us see it as it is (you can choose to disagree with what i have just said, i don’t care) we have no choice, we have no purpose…we can choose how we want to live…the good, the bad, the mad, the sad…whatever….
i, have no purpose. i decided to make my life purposeful. 
i made no allowance for any emotion than empathy for those who have nothing in every sense of the word (i.e. absolutely nothing)
but look now. here i am….you’re selfish, i’m selfish….what do we do?…

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