a reply..a state of mind..the course of time..

the following is a reply to a friend’s random email,
one of the few replies with out any secrets that cannot be revealed..
thus, its nature undoes the secretive spell of a letter enclosed in the safety of electric currents and codes that i do not comprehend….put forward here with a few grammatical, unprofessional amendments.

the reply:

it’s like rain…

but inside your head..
not a heavy rain..
a light drizzle…
the way it drizzled the day before…
and the wind’s cool and calm
but it’s all in your head…
it’s the counter effect to all the chaos.

you can’t handle all the instability
so your brain spins 180 degrees…
and there you are 
on the opposite end of your current state of mind
so that your current state of mind has been reversed.

and instead of running with tension,
you feel peace,
you feel ease,
you contemplate and ponder..
you drift through air, and wander.

it’s funny
how it’s always at the wrong times this happens…
if only we could make the wrong times..the right times..
we could, if we had control over time
but we don’t.

it’s like a sad joke.
not a bad joke though.
i would laugh with it
and i would laugh at myself.
if only i  knew better than to procrastinate.
it would be my friend and i would be its side kick.

and i beckoned time…
"i would sacrifice all logic if you would break your one rule
i would serenade you every night, if you’d dance to my tune"

and time replied
"my only rule is to keep moving forward, 
my only boundary is that i can’t go backwards
and you want to take that away from me?
human, wake up….i will never reach my end….
so i can give you every second
but your life is the one that’s blessed with mortality."

go complete your work woman…

(friend, i hope you don’t mind that my email spilled onto this space)

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