the bygones you won’t say bubye to…

it’s like you need heart to face various experiences. but you also need the heart to let go.

it’s supposed to require less strength to let things be and let go of them
instead, we hold on and let it weaken us even more. why?
it should be easier, we could make it easier, but with the strange comfort from the past, be it good or bad, we prefer to walk in the shadow of the past. 
we? maybe just me…or you…and i…i don’t know..
shedding the over grown epidermis and simply leaving the freshness of new skin is something indubiously worth while. but thoughts feed on thoughts, memory replays, re enacts and re lives. 
‘leave me be’,
it yells…’.i ‘m done now and i’m fine on my own.’
let go of the scream,
the shattering of some dream and move on.
lesson learnt but twice shy , once burnt, 
more and more random words, thoughts…even if they are absolutely meaningless…simple because all that past is the treasure box that gave meaning to your present.
but what future can you make if you’re too engrossed in the past?the extra baggage will just stall you…you know it, but you still won’t shove it aside…
wake up little one…
make a move….
the over cautious never move more than an inch.
burns and scars are okay.
holding onto their sources
re-scars, re-burns…
let go and make way for a new day…
or the beauty in the air might just pass you by.
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