tempting attemps

don’t you dare utter those words.

you shouldn’t even dare to think those thoughts.
don’t even look at me with that look.
the ‘why can’t you try harder?’, the ‘don’t you understand?’, the-whatever!-i-have-excuses-that-are bigger and better than yours-so-you-must-adjust look, words, thoughts and actions.
of course, i am the fool, for calling myself the fool, to make me look like ‘the fool’ in front of you. i was merely trying to be humble. and of course i wore the same clothes inside-out, within here, and beyond this skin. i wanted to mark my mistakes, but that doesn’t rule out his, hers and yours. it takes two hands to clap, remember? remember, you taught me that?
then again what haven’t you taught me?what haven’t they taught me?
i’ve done all i can. you have lifted your finger but made little movement.
sleep safe in your denial.
in the glass, in the mirror,
in the clear river….you’re all the same.
you fucking dissappoint me.
what’s more, you’re wearing me out.
the attempt, now, may be the final one… the chosen one….the one that cuts the cord.
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