you know when you forget whether you locked the door or not, or where you left your keys.?…or you enter the kitchen and wonder. “why did i come here?”…and then you just grab a snack because hey, you came all the way you might as well.

and i know people can be sensitive about their age and the results and changes of aging, and i kinda, sorta am one of those people..just because i don’t think i’ve accomplished all i thought i should have by now. but that’s besides the point ..i was talking about memory…and well, i came here after ages, and realized that, i don’t remember writing the previous blogs over here.  i thought i wrote one, but no more than that single,solitary number.

oh well, surprise, surprise…here i am again…..

“welcome back!?”

“why thank you, thank you!”

where were all (or a lot) of my thoughts being filtered out into? here -> http://poisoned-cribellum.spaces.live.com/

but it’s not enough. not for my head. so i’ve decided to prioritize. change the nature of what i write here, and there,.

let’s make this an account of my actions more than my thoughts. and that space up there, that i find very difficult to let go shall be an account of my thoughts more than my actions…

is anyone listening?

hoo hummm…either way, i like to think you are.

and wow do i sound a little sparkier than how i thought i would sound. this is what writing/typing/blah blahing does to blah blah-ers.



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