woke up today feeling like P. Diddy?

woke up quite hungry actually…..walked into the kitchen, grabbed my beloved granola bar, and hot-hot chai (tea, i think chai sounds nicer) and came here.

as a routine check, checked my yahoo, hotmail, and now i’m letting my gmail load. no mails. no mails….there was a time when i wouldn’t check any of my accounts because i was so over whelmed by the number of mails i would have to check. you know how people get pleasure from squeaky clean dishes? i sort of like seeing a ‘clean’ mail box. and when i mean clean, it’s not that there aren’t any mails in the inbox, but none have been highlighted, so that means i have read all of them…..and if i don’t want them i delete them….some of them even go to certain categories…..incredible how the internet can capture everything, even these little obsessive tendencies…although sometimes i do wish for particular emails to hit my inbox, but when they’re a no-show…it’s quite a bummer.

anyway…getting back to the title of this blog….i tried my best, i mean MY BEST…to not like Kesha. I do that sometimes…when i just think “no, this artist shouldn’t get all the credit she is getting”….so i didn’t like her….but then ‘Tik Tok kept ringing in my head…then ‘Blah Blah….”….pretty soon i was infected…..i blame my friends! morons! one of them had to go make the meatl version of tik tok as well…it’s pretty ace but….

you can check this one out yourself…TikRok

and like i do for certain artists, i go check out their interviews…i just saw one where Kesha was explaining the P.Diddy comparison in her song…it was because she woke up feeling like pimp, with all her girlfriends in her room….the girl doesn’t like to sleep alone…damn i’ll sleep with the lights on, but i’m much more comfortable when no one’s in my room with me. no, this cannot be attributed to ears of horror flicks where people get killed in their sleep, or by their partners..it’s just at the end of the day i want to be left to myself, by myself. i can be in my world around others, but i want more than head space. peace comes from knowing there’s head space and body space and just air, air and more air around me.

i know ‘things’ may happen to bring about a change in this ‘need’ or ‘want’ of mine….and that’s fine….let’s just hope that whoever wakes up next to me doesn’t wake up any day feeling like P. Diddy…. bad joke? bad joke…..


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