my world came alive that afternoon….

i’m not sure how regularly people experience dreams where they can see reality, their room, the surroundings in which they fell asleep as they are. it’s like you’re in a dream, but you can see the reality as well.

i’ve had them from time to time, and i wake up super disturbed at the same time fascinated and excited over having had such an experience. i once had a dream where i woke up in my dorm room, it was right before day break and i was lying still in my bed. i then looked at the window and there was this man-creature sitting crouched on the window sill. i could only see his outline and he was panting…before i could register his presence he pounced on my and was i think trying to suffocate me. i could feel his weight on me and i struggled to snap out of it, because i was so sure it had to be a dream even though everything looked and felt real..but sleep paralysis was at it’s most active state (what a paradox!). i think i forced myself to slip back into a full dream state and then woke up into normality, the real reality.

anyway, it had been a while since i had such a dream…and before i describe this dream i had on this afternoon nap that turned into a 3 hour long sleep i have to let you know that despite being in my 20s i still have a fantasy world. and this world everything talks…the tables, chairs, books, instruments, the roads…the pavements sing when you’re walking down the street, the trees may smile or be grumpy…there are good and bad things some are more good than bad, and some are more bad than good, just like people and you can talk to anything….anytime… i think this came about because when i watched ‘beauty and the beast’ as a kid (the disney cartoon one, not the series) my favourite part was when we find out that all the furniture in the beast’s home were alive… i loved the part where they sand for the lady (i can’t remember her name) and the part where they put up a fight against the villagers when they came to kill the beast. and the candlestick and the little talking tea cup were my favourite talking furniture…   ok ok, sorry i’ll get to the dream now.

so 2 days back i was in a bit of pain and i decided to sleep it off…

that is not what i look like when i sleep.. :p

it was supposed to be a short nap, but i fell into deep, deep sleep….when i first “woke up” i saw my room as it is, and i could hear my mum open the door and say something, and i was trying to reply to her but my words were getting slurred…so i tried to sit up but i couldn’t and something was pulling me back…like these really strong invisible hands…and i kept struggling against them as the realization that this was a dream slowly began to set in…and to confirm it, my fantasy world, for the first time ever came alive…i remember giving into the invisible hands and when i tilted my head to look at my cupboard, the two doors sort of split in a way as if to make lips and the top caved in to give my cupboard this cunning look, and it began to say something in a deep voice, but it was barely audible…i turned to look at my guitar leaning against a wall, then my artwork on the wall, and even though i didn’t see anything, i could feel them come alive…but i was surprisingly (to me) scared….i guess it was because the cupboard turned out to be evil….and so i just shut my eyes and forced myself back into empty darkness…

i woke up sometime after a little spooked but totally stoked by the dream as well..

i’m not a person who minds being alone, but i do love to talk…not about typical stuff, but i enjoy random conversations with random people… but people have limits, because they have fears…whom to trust, whom not trust…things like that…but in my world even when people are lost in their own lives i’d have gazzillion other strangers to talk to….and lonliness would never even be an issue for anyone…

don’t worry, i’m fully aware that i sound like a lunatic to you….with that…i’m gonna end this…

till next time…..indulge yourself in the subconscious world…

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