always welcome

we meet many people in this journey….

good people, great people, awesome people, bastards….and some of these people, even some bastards become our friends….close friends, good friends…best friends.. (i personally do not like calling anyone my best friend because it makes me feel like i expect something from them and that they can’t disappoint me, which is silly…so they’re either friends, acquaintances, or good/close friends)

with some people, you reach this point where you just know that you’ll always be welcomed.

you want to go over to their place, call them up in the middle of the night, eat from their plate, sleep on their bed..anything, and they’ll always welcome you… i’m one person who often worries that i have over stayed my welcome.. even with very close friends of mine i have one foot on the ground.

firstly, because i never want to reach a point where i’m simply taking advantage of them, and sucking them dry… (yes i use perverted references for my own amusement)

secondly, because i’m a bit delusional…i worry that sometimes people may be sick of me but aren’t voicing their opinions…

but it’s when they come asking me to speak out, to come over, to eat from their plate and share their beds…i can’t help but feel an overwhelming sense of  “shit, are you for real?”…..maybe it’s how life turned out for me..maybe it’s some shitty experiences.. but for a long time, i didn’t know what the genuine i-care-about-you look was…  and here they are…these people will go away some day..maybe i won’t see them for the rest of my life, but i’ll never forget their forever open arms… i must be blessed or something…

it’s when you are always welcomed that you know you must have done something right…you must have done the right things, said the right things, been just the right person for some one if they always smile at you…if they’re always honest with you and accept your presence…when it’s been a while since you’ve spoken but that warmth still exists…

their eyes don’t lie..

a timeless classic =)…enjoy


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