comfortably alive

i think the process of creating something full and complete and complex involves experimentation…. a process i barely toyed with because i am so anal…
things within the boundaries of my room, i could experietment with and so i did. and i made something out of them. but the moment i needed to step out and more things needed to be added..the outside needed to be involved, with re experimentation…i couldn’t take it. i didn’t take it….i slowed down and stepped back…
if the story of god is true then the dude must’ve made some mistakes before coming up with all the living beings…
i don’t believe the god story is true….but i’m more on the side of evolution… evolution through trial and error, through competition and as some one recently pointed out to me, evolution through creativity….
that’s not the point here…the point i’m trying to make is that i’m reaching a point of mental evolution… my little world…it’s time to step out of comfort zones and bring out the big guns…but where my balls at ?? that’s right i don’t have any….. literally and figuratively ….
it’s tough…..people think if you walk around in your own way, if you can be random, and things like that…you must be pro at working out of your comfort zone..these little out bursts of ridiculousness are the comfort zones….there are still things beyond them that i cannot touch and won’t touch… over cautiousness can kill creativity….with out experimenting, you won’t know….you  need to try to see how things work…of course blind-belief in books and all the information online is fine, but when creating something, music, art, anything…these tips, this information needs to apply and you need to make allowance for mishaps…..
with out prehistorical mishaps we wouldn’t have the pyramids, languages, or even dirty, filthy money….i need to restart
restart, rewind and let go…
step out and spit it out…
prehistoric mishaps.. that’d be a cool name for a band….–

7 thoughts on “comfortably alive

  1. its just we dont see the BIG picture n he does cuz he created us…our existence,life,moments…etc…etc…were pre planned…to the minute detail by the Father…everythin in this universe has a purpose..

  2. …from big things to unimportant non sensical things …r mishaps..mistakes..inventions..discoveries..results of calculated approaches..assumption..TRIALS n errORS…N its good.

  3. cuz to err is human..rite Q!!but God…he’s not in our league wat so ever…but he loves us…n so the story goes…:-)

  4. hey, well that’s your belief…and you’re allowed to believe what you want…my beliefs are different… i don’t see this as some great big pre planned film reel…. the purpose and things like that…i don’t believe in that stuff…. that’s all 🙂

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