returning to some old techno-logy

what’s the agenda for today…well the typical complete this, complete that…get off your lazy bottom….

and what’s new? new is what’s old…

i was sitting on the couch and flipping channels while my mind wandered into my often re-occurring thoughts about how i would make music for my songs…how would i produce them, complete the…what music would make the tunes and lyrics in my head more solid….

then thoughts of my new found love for drum and bass kicked in….as the beats picked up momentum, i recollected how some songs i write need such beats to back them up….the bass picked up more speed and at hell knows what rate of bpm, my mind turned to techno….now i’m not a fan of techno…but ‘the prodigy’ was a prodigy and they’re work always kept me up and running….(or dancing as some of you might like to put it)…them, ‘the chemical brothers’….now that’s the kind of techno i could listen to… i guess these guys also fall into trance, dance and stuff…

anyway with all these thoughts raging in my head….i came to love how my music…whe i do finally make it, would not just fall into rock or punk or post-hardcore….i could bring in bits of D&B, maybe techno…..the excitement gripped me….i would not be a boring artist….and although i have a long way to go to educate myself on how to make all this music….and face the shame that comes from realizing how much further than me other people who are my age and have dreams like mine are… i decided to go back to some old roots….tapped in, dug out two cassette tapes of ‘system of a down’ and 3 of ‘the prodigy’ that i have…my old cassette player…and decided to put the dying system to use….

starting off with ‘the prodigy’s 1994, ‘music for the jilted generation’…and how does it feel? it feels awesome….i’m psyched….. i woke up 5 hours back…and my day’s finally started

…..nothing better than going back to old stuff….feels like i’m in love…


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