timeless peanut butter…

it’s 5 and my ‘gaga’ metabolism has got me hungry again…but…but..but….i just slept at 1 after a snack and i’m hungry again…

half a green apple and a tablespoon or so of peanut butter were attacked my saliva and stomach juices while tea was becoming the tea in my cup….

now i have an awkward relationship with food …  yeah you know it’s a danger sign when some one says ‘relationship with food’..and add in an awkward position to make it better….but yeah i’m still here and i’m very over-aware of the effects of what food has what affect in my body…and by hell’s hellish lure look what peanut butter’s done to me… that sneaky little prankster has got me up and blogging with not even the slightest urge to sleep…..

annoyingly…i want to not be on mister peanut butter’s side….i had a plan to follow….a non peanut butter breakfast to swallow…but oh well..who can be mad at a tablespoon of bliss…and what’s more i should know routines are not for me…it’s been years of trying to make myself follow something…but my only routine is change….just need to work around it….

anyway….the morning lights are coming up…..and just so my day isn’t too long…i’m going to stay under-covers for a little longer…

i should get over this…


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