reverse the spell

sometimes wake up calls won’t suffice…

the alarm will ring, i’ll sleep through it…

you’ll have a heart attack and i’ll say, “ah what happens happens”…

nothing can shake me up, wake me up and pull me out of my hole… even if i need to get out i won’t get out… i am skillful at justifying myself and best part it, it doesn’t even matter if you buy it or not…i need to buy it…i sell my excuses solely for myself to myself….i may even tell you the truth…but as long as it’s ok in my eye…it’s ok…

and today, i could sit put, and feel like shit and justify myself and get through the day….

even today a wake-up call, an alarm or some one’s heart attack would not wale me up…but for some reason, today, is today…today has something…maybe it’s the fact that it looks dark outside…in a desert a dark day mean the coming of a storm….but reports say it’s humid and just cloudy….

and maybe it’s the dull morning with no oranges or pinks in the sky that’s woken me up….i’m the kind of person who’s happier in winter, perkier when it’s raining…it’s like when the weather can’t make me happy with all it’s colours and decides to go blue, grey and black…automatically my body responds with a complete flip… (additionally staying it home will ahve it’s perks, i get to watch a movie with an awesome friend, but before that i’d be subjected to conversing and interacting with a person who actually has the ability to bore me to death and piss me off instantly….)

on these days old cassettes, or a good movie won’t do the job…i need to make a real move and bust out of here….

khamael…..i am coming to see you…..(if you can’t make it tomorrow that is…)…khamael, please call me back….i ave to get the hell out of here soon.. i may not be alive a month later…

this isn’t even connected…but there sin’t a time and place for good music…


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