the need

i need to, want to let it out….i know who to call if i need some one to listen to me… so i have the number (s), the want and the need…. but i just cannot put all my thoughts down in words….and spill the out verbally, or in writing.

wish i could fix this switch that’s been permanently been damaged.

i don’t care but i still feel something. i feel numb about one thing because i chose to feel numb over the feeling of frustration…and to balance it out, there’s an over flow of emotion else where.

this boiling pot needs to blow some steam off…..but the bloody steam won’t form…need an alternative to verbal venting….

time to give in to physical exhaustion, to lights and the sounds that would scare me, to the faces of beautiful people looking ugly, to the place where formality is the code but people go to create informal connections…

dance….unwind….and forget.

who’s in? show of hands?…

peace, love, music…oblivion….


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