the newspaper saved my november

recently i had watched the ‘YES MEN – Fix the World’.

no, not’Yes Man’, which is also a superb movie, but this is less of a movie, and more of a brilliant documentary….about two men, middle-aged-something, pranksters to bring to light the (excuse my 21-year old vocabulary) the bullshit that goes on in big corporate firms that run the world at the cost of innocence, ignorance and mere oblivion of “the masses”….’the daft masses’ in Marx’s words…..kidding….he didn’t say that….well not exactly…

so where was i? yes the YES MEN….i know little about politics… it doesn’t grab my interest because i think it’s more jackass-like than Jackass (the movie)…and there’s so much history of jackass-ness to catch up on….i get lost and turn the music up loud and go back to things that make sense to me….

the YES MEN are unconventional….no riots, no slogans, big banners…just plain simple (sometimes elaborate) pranks….and this is where the news paper comes in…

i tend to skim through or completely skip the news papers (local) , but every friday issue of the newspaper comes with Friday ( a magazine) and The Weekend Review (another paper) which is filled with articles on art and music, and science and psychology and years of political turmoil all compressed into very well written articles…now this, this i read….i wouldn’t miss it for an episode of According to Jim, or the voice of Maynard James Keenan blasting through my speakers….and i love that man….not the i’m going to put your poster up and pleasure myself kind of love….i look upto him….i train my voice with a lot inspiration from him..

and like yo naturally tend to, you will find unconventional things in the Weekend Review…that’s where i came across the National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) – , which is held every November ..basically all you have to do is start writing a novel from the 1st of November to the 30th… it should consist of 50,000 words of fiction…..all just for the fun of it…. no big contest, fancy prize…purely for the love of writing…..

how many things are there left in the world which are just done for the sake of doing them….everything’s calculated, everything’s got some greedy motive…..(ok not always greedy, which is a good thing)…but there’s always a pull, a push, a shove…

this is a nudge, to just do something…to give literature some love, for a month…. and the cool thing is, you just may end up with a piece of literary awesomeness, because when you take ages to write, sometimes too much time to think can lead to the loss of ideas over time…or even an overload of ideas all which you cannot incorporate….

yes, if you do a good job, you do get a certificate and an online badge, for those of you who really want something…but for lovers of writing….this is just one of those do-it–together-with-the-world-at-one-time things…. even if you write 50, 000 words of completely crazy stuff….it will be fun…

november, i graduate …november, the year is about to end…november, is just november…nothing spectacular…never was, never will be…there are some birthdays….it’s just another month….the only thing excites me about november is the cooler whether…but now i’ve found NaNoWriMo….N stands for something other than November now… so…YAY!

so, guys (who ever bothers to read this)…participate….it’ll be fun..

oh what did this have to do with the Yes Men?… the unconventionalism…(i know that’s not a word)


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