so pure….

i’m still sitting in bed….i tried to get about and have a normal day…

the attempt failed….well i guess i was successful for about 4 hours…so that’s kind of good right?

i’m sitting here staring at a wide diagonal streak of light pink in the evening sky which is grey with more streaks of light pink carelessly over it….either some one went to war with the sky and left it bleeding or the sky decided to play dress-up….we ave enough chaos, so i’ll choose the latter explanation this time ….my room that normally turns grey-blue around this time , in the stating stages of the evening is reddish for a change…..i don’t want to move…

ok i didn’t want to move….but an hour has transpired since i wrote the beginning of this post thanks to some chores that came up… (even if you don’t want to move, sometimes you just have to) .now the sky is lit up by by 2 red lights that flash every 5 seconds from the top of a building….the rest is black..

my room is lit by the light of my lamp…

and tonight will end like this…..

and this is what i’m listening to….

10 + years back, we bought this double cassette on which all the performances in Woodstock ’99 were recorded….. =) good old tunes….

oh and totally digging the change in wordpress….love changes..


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