berry faced morning

aaaah…i woke up a little more than two hours back…made my tea…grabbed something to eat…and now i’m back in bed….

what’s the point of being all up and ladeedaa…

not that i’m demotivated …. or thaaat demotivated…. i know what i want to do today….i have little things that will lead me to my main goals in life that i need to get done…my new A4-sized drawing…..completing more than just a few pages of ‘The Hunchback of Notredame’, now that zack (my acoustic guitar) is back and as fit as a fiddle….i need to get some (or atleast one) video up… along with getting zafro (my electric) up and running… plus yamama (my keyboard) is rotting from a year of neglect…..

yeah ok…there are a lot of little things to do….but there is a nice bundle of demotivation keeping me in bed…. firstly i’ll have to do some chores… plus….i’m jobless… like the money-kind of jobless….no i’m not a big fan of stupid green paper…but it’s necessity we created and i need it to get other things going…and the moment i think about the word ‘job’…i think about how i can’t ‘job’…or more appropriately ‘work’…till the damn complicated,governmental,sci-fi (yes, i think it’s somewhat fictional, because all these regulations are created by us), rules and complexities are cleared out….

the only things that keep me waiting patiently…or just keep me going, are my little loves….zach, zafro…the rest of the crew…my art supplies and the ample amount of information available on the internet with which you can educate yourself about anything and everything….

along with that…i guess…like i tell everyone else….once you get into a job, it may be harder to get more than a few weeks off….of course i promised myself that the routine work-life will not be part of anything but my early days in the work-field…and i need to and will keep this promise….but still when you’re out there living that life it’s hard to not get caught up and sometimes lose yourself and your inner child…and it’ll be harder to really have time off…

so now when i’m getting time to kill…i might as well make the most of it…

no need to focus on any one thing (like i’m even capable of that)…

and wow could this place use some rain…..if i pinched this desert sky i wonder if i could make it cry…


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