film reels running through your mind

i’ve come across people who say that they changed their entire lives, or did something absolutely out of character (or secretly in-character) after reading a certain book, or watching a certain movie….. something ticks in them, and a switch gets turned on…and just like that their lives change with the press of ‘play’ and ‘stop’…or with the turning of pages….

i, quite often, have found myself wishing i was like one of these people. i’m not immune to influence from others, and movies and books….but never has a spontaneous change come over me…i honestly wish it would have…sometimes you need to be jolted out of certain paths you’re going down… but all my changes have been gradual… maybe gradual changes are more permanent but when certain things need to be attended to immediately….then time cannot be taken for granted….

movies have always got my thoughts moving….i interpret what’s being said, then re-interpret then, then add my thoughts, argue them….but some times all this thought is not required… sometimes they make absolute sense…and with all my thought i’m just back where i started…. but that’s that…

i have never watched a movie, got up and decided, this is it….

will power…comes to me slowly…

and maybe having more than one perspective is good… no… it is good…but then sometimes you end up justifying anything and everything, and you can even find excuses for doing nothing…

i guess, then you have to choose what you want to do, and which justification is weighs the other out…

but see…see what i’m doing now….?sometimes you need to just up and go! go and go and go and move and run and walk and change and make magic happen!

yesterday i watched Peepli Live…a hindi movie, with a documentary element to it….and for those few of you who read this stuff and may be interested, even if you don’t know hindi do try and watch it with subtitles…’s a short film, and it’s the plain truth about the how the relationship between the government and the poor…

how the needy kill themselves to get benefits from the government….but then suicide is a crime so the government can justify their inaction with that….and how on one side people are killing themselves for livelihood….others get killed because of their livelihood and yet others kill themselves because they simply cannot bear to live anymore….

and i see this…and i know this is there…and i’m around people who shrug their shoulder and say ‘oh well’…’hmm the system’….fuck!

and even with all the good, honest people out there, trying to make a change…their colours are pissed on by those with power….because greed outweighs simple humane acts….the need for power outweighs love…. and a lot of us just want to live and die…..just live….do these little acts of kindness to keep our consciences clear enough…. leave the real hard work involved in making a change to those people…those great people you hear about in the news… you want to cheer them on and not be part of it….

i understand why Christopher McCandless went ‘into the wild’… why The Yes Men play pranks, why Bill Maher needed nothing more than a camera and a clear head to prove how oblivious the human race can be (Religulous)…. i understand why Marx had hope and Amir Khan took on the script of Peepli Live…

I understand…I get it….

I need to get out of here…..

but if any change is to occur, the world needs to not only realize it in their minds, but in their hearts and they need to make it part of their blood….

this blood we live on , either doesn’t truely belong to us….or it’s contaminated….

I understand why he said he hates humans….why she doesn’t step out of the house, why they live behind iron gates and why they wear masks….it’s all a show, the world is a stage because we made it that way..

i understand that i need to get out of here…. I just wish i worked faster….

the trailer – here you go…


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