questionable questions

when you’re alive you bring pain…

now that you’re alive, if you died…you’d also bring pain….
if you could just slowly fade away….if you could just find the right way to disappear.
they will mourn your death….they will not, until much later, realize the relief that they were supposed to experience on your passing…
but life…is pain.
death must be peace.
their realization may come late,
but they will, eventually, experience the relief.
so how do we let go?
either, you can annoy the hell out of them so they long for your disappearance,
or you can start forming better, fonder memories with them, so they remember you, gladly and it comforts them after you’ve passed on…
wonder what goes through the minds of who successfully do reach the state in which they are prepared to take their lives and those who successfully carry it out…
such actions are not carried out with out motives to push them.
such actions may be a blessing or a curse upon the world…

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