hello shivers…it’s been a while..

i should have figured it out earlier, with the strange aches and muscle strain setting in…the sleepiness and sudden drowsiness….

hmm…so here it is…been a while since i’ve gotten ill…..the common flu comes and goes….i refuse the medication as usual, heal myself…but the fever is trickier…..and if the flu joins it and there’s another scar on my voice box my singing will get worse…and i can’t afford that now… not that i’m in a band, or am doing a show….ha! those are the dreams of a 12 year old that are still alive even when the the 2 comes before the 1…..thanks to my awesome ability to let people know stuff like this…. anyway…

the rule is, no a/c maybe  2 blankets and sweet, icky, sweat….

the blankets are something i love…with the shivers setting in…and my toes, that freeze the fastest  cursing my immune system for not keeping the virus out of my system…i need the blankets….the warmth of the laptop near my legs just isn’t cozy enough….

aaah my fingers feel funny too…next will be my eyes…as my head heats up more…..

fevers are so strange….oh well then life is so strange….you don’t ask to be born, then you;re born and people sing and dance around you and then they hurt you and then you hurt others and then what befalls you tends to normally be a results of your own actions…but the first step was never yours…. if we were atleast given a choice….

like in the womb, they’d play an ad about what life’s like in the world in which we’re going to be born into, and then you press the red button (no, thanks i’m just fine and dandy here, send me back to where ever i came from) or the green button (oh yeah baby! i want to check this place out!!),

aaah my body feels funny….aah bring out the big guns fever….you have a fighter here!

i take a lot of pride in not taking medication and recovering from illnesses…and i’m well aware that there may come times when i will need an external army to save me…but when i can do it alone…i want to….

i love this song….another one that i heard for the first time in the Woodstock ’99 album…

he actually says “who’s you daddy? i’m your daddy now” in a very non-playful almost scary way (or that’s what it sounds like in my head)…because it totally contrast with the other ways that line would normally be used… enjoy…


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