second chances

its most difficult to admit the that you did something wrong…that you played the cards wrong….you can’t always start over
..i should have been more assertive…… if it was not going to harm the other person there was nothing in asking for what i thought i could have had….but now it will just remain as something that could have been……could have…would have shown me more than i saw….

sometimes you think taking a step back and letting others lead will be fine…..but sometimes you step back, you lack assertivesness and the moment passes. and that’s it. you lost the chance. and it wont fall the same way again. it’s a fall after all…we’re naturally inclined to protect ourselves and if you’re anything like me , it’d be a while before you fall again….
assertiveness may have been what was lacking…the other’s involved don’t always know the missing ingredient… the inability to just say ‘yes’…give some one the absolute ‘okay’..can go a long way in opening up the world for you….
regret…..regret should just be a lesson….nothing more …nothing to ponder over…so i should leave it there…
a second chance is luck…and you know it…so if ever it is in your hands to give some one else a second chance….and you know in your heart that you are capable of it….do it…..the opportunity to give some one what all of us won’t always get is a sort of a blessing from life.
and even if this ends up as nothing…this time you would have had armor…armor that comes from knowledge, experience, wisdom..time..and no experience is worth less…you’ll just gain more armor..
there is no right or wrong..
there’s just a lamp that gives you light and a path to take.

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