What’s with all the meteors?

ok so…i officially change the full-form of BIG M from BIG Mystery to Big Meteor….

what the banana knickers am i talking about? you’ll have to read the previous blog post for that really…

why the change? because it so happens that it’s not just one friend of mine who’s having major mysterious issues, there are quite a number of them. but the issues aren’t particularly mysterious…so i had to change it from M for mystery to M for meteors…meteors being a metaphor for shit, shit being a metaphor for mega-sized crap, mega-sized crap being a metaphor for problems, issues, troubles….

it’s like all of  sudden, every one i care about is in some sort of pot hole or the other….and i have this urge to save them all..i have this stupid, naive belief that i can just say the right thing, or do just the right thing, to make it all go away…but the truth is…somethings can only be fixed by those certain people, somethings need to go through a certain course of time to end…and sometimes you just have to watch those you care about go through it…and let them be.

your pat on their back, kind words, positive thoughts will only do so much, and at some point they will do nothing…because what is, just is…their hurdle, is their hurdle and you can do nothing about it….

plus i had to ditch my superhero- electric-blue cape because i’m carrying a load of trash on my back…and my leotards are with the dry cleaners…so i can’t play superheroine… actually that’s not an excuse…that’s my hurdle…and my hurdle is my hurdle and there’s truly nothing anyone can do about it….

so i guess even though all of us have meteors heading our way…we’re in the same boat…boat being a metaphor for the fact that we’re on the same planet…planet being a metaphor for us all being in similar situations, as in, basically we’re all just having a rough time now… (i know the metaphor thing may be getting annoying but these are the lame ways i amuse myself)

but i know mine is dealable… i know theirs is much more serious…and i know i can keep talking about it but all i can do is accept what is…and do my best to be for them in anyway i can….

just had a chat with a friend, who is, thankfully not in a shitty situation and is doing quite well right now…and we both agreed that change is the only thing that’s constant…and in such situations all you can do for these individuals is remind them that this too shall pass…  that friend of mine also recommended this song to me… funny thing is, i’m at university now, forgot my headphones at home, and i can’t play the song out loud so i actually don’t know what it sounds like…but i’m linking you anonymous readers (the one or two of you who actually bother to read my yada yadas) to it…

everything will pass….everything please pass….


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