hi! it’s me again!it hits me again!

hi! hello! heya! hey!…my typical greetings….my typical ways to address anyone, even if i know their name, pet name, or have my own secret pet names for them..

wow all the words…all crowding my mind….it’s irritating to type when you can’t type fast enough to get the words out…and even if they came out what sense would they make?…

i hate those moments when i feel so much…have so much in my mind..and i need to spill them out….NEED TO SPILL….but nothing comes out….nothing but nonsensical words and a desperate attempt to lure the ‘everything’ out of my mind with sentences such as these…these which i’m typing right now….

ever heard me speak?…yeah..okay stupid question…but i speak by going to the end , then the beginning…with out completing the beginning i go to the in-between information and then complete the beginning and the try to fill any missing gaps.. and that’s sort of how i think…and tend to write…but the writing tends to me the most structured out of all three because i forcefully have to slow my thought down…and when i can’t…ha! when i can’t…..i can pick out bits of my brain like Hannibal Lectar did in Silence of the Lambs (i think)  and fry them..i’d feed them to no one though…

wow..nothingness…wow at my third ‘wow’..which makes a fifth one…

hello…goodbye..i’ll meet you at the equinox..


2 thoughts on “hi! it’s me again!it hits me again!

  1. Sounds a lot like me when I’m passionate about the subject. My brain makes connections so quickly that no-one can keep up lol!

    1. i know right…if only our brains could automatically document all the info for us to read later…or maybe that would just lead to major information overload and an imploded brain…

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