blah blah blah…yada yada yada

in my mind i’m yelling “RESIST THE URGE TO BLOG CHILD!!!!!!! RESIST!”…..but these hands of mine….they’re being stubborn….

can people blog through Blackberrys..?.i’m not too supportive of that gadget that reached fame like Michael Jackson did in seconds but i can totally understand it for those who use them for business purposes..but when my friends want to talk to me and everyone on their blackberry at the same time…i curse the instrument, my friend and well, feel like shit…

okay…wait why did the topic of Blackberrys come up? oh right…yeah…blogging….if you can blog on a Blackberry then i would at some point consider owning one…. when there’s so much i need to say every waking moment…and especially when i’m in situations like these…with not many resources around me to entertain myself…my thoughts go wild…and i like to write my thoughts so my writing-ness goes wild….

so if i was bored some where and no tune was coming to my mind but just words and words and words and more words then a blackberry would be my ultimate saviour….

ha! i can’t believe i actually said that… primitive and ‘extinct’ am i making the art of writing with a pencil or pen and paper look? shame on me….really shame on me…..forget paper, walls, grounds. body parts….ok no let’s stick with paper…i can write reminders on bodyparts but not all of this…

ok so, i guess i can continue to disaprove of the Blcckberry being used by people who don’t really need it for anything other than ‘social networking’….or more like social-networking-overload…..phew! you want to go all out on social netwroking…lift your head up from your phone or whatever and say hello to some one…a stranger….normal communication (as in face to face, body language involved) can be referred to art now….because it barely happens…at least on my side of the planet…

no i don’t hate you ’cause you own a blackberry…i hate you because you can’t detach from that cyber space world….ok maybe hate’s a strong word…but it’s jsut icky to watch people that way….i’d go nuts if i had a blackberry…with DSL i check my mail so often when i’m at home….that i force myself to get out more often…i thought i’d be lazy to turn the laptop on if i always switched off but apparent;y my hands and eyes never tire…

oh and don’t tell me because i have no control it doesn’t mean others are the same…you know very well that the Blackberriers and buried in the berry fields…you know they’re hooked…hooked like fish on those worms at the end of fishing rods…. they’re black-buried….no that’s not a recent term i came up with but it wasn’t till now that i had a chance to use it…

anyway, so i suppose if i was in some dead place, dead bored with overflowing thoughts i would still write and write and write away….that’s all i guess i wanted to say….

music? sure….can’t believe that till now i hadn’t put up a single link for a song by Tool…some fan i am…. what? you don’t like Tool..umm yeah go kill yourself please..

here’s a senseless yet senible song –


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