little stars pop up

so it’s nice to see that all of a sudden little good things are happening in the lives of those i care about…

things were getting quite dark and morbid around here…death, sickness, emotional unrest…and the morbidity was nothing like it would appear if Tim Burton directed my life’s movie…it was just becoming drab, humorless and colorless…..

and somethings are still unsolved or moving at a less sparky direction…

got a really close friend who’s going away for good….to join other good friends who have left for good and may return on short trips occasionally….

i still am unaware of the kind of meteors attacking some one who is really close to me..

and the crater left by my meteor is going to take ages to mend i guess…

but….aah i love it when a but is not going to be a negative one…

there’s a baby that might be born next april….a good friend’s baby….another friend’s father is recovering from his illness quite well…another one’s got a job… from meteors to stars…stars that stay put, and flicker, and shed some light, some hope on these unwelcoming days….

thought i should be grateful…thought i should actually breathe in this air…and smile…and hope that more stars pop up…

i should watch this movie again…..

if Burton asked me to sing this song backwards…i would actually take the effort and do it…


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