remember to respect!!

i vowed to myself that i would respect…

but here i am breaking my vow…

it’s not fair on my part…

one of the things that ticks me off id me breaking my own promises to my self….now for the little ones like, waking up at 5 a.m. or printing out a copy of my c.v. from some interview….it’s okay if i break them….but bigger more important promises…..they need to be kept…..

one was to respect…all castes, all religions, all creeds….and i do….regardless of my beliefs or non beliefs…but i guess because i was brought up as a christian i tend to be most critical about christianity….and i think being skeptical and critical is okay….but there’s a way of doing it i think….a respectful way….question, but don’t make some one feel like all they say is bullshit…..

ok this is more advice to myself than others…..and i guess at times i lose track of these promises…and just become disrespectful…it’s not fair on my part

it's just a picture...don't aim your guns at me...

anyway…i believe that everyone should be allowed to believe what they want, as long as they don’t try to shove it in some one else’s face as the “right path to take”….no that’s wrong…..respect…i respect them, they should respect me and we should all just respect eachother…..i strongly believe if we all just respected each other none of the wars would have happened….fine, the two great ones, had other motives (not justifying them, but since we’re talking about religion…i’m just focusing on that)…..things like the crusades….were just too much…over the top…every one has the right to believe what they want…and if it’s the ‘flying spaghetti monster”…so be it….


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