;) , =P , XD, =D and so on…

i’m going to apologize in advance for all my hyphenated and quoted words…

once while walking through my ex-university’s under-nourished, under-funded, super-skinny library i passed by some one who was chatting on MSN or Yahoo messenger, through e-buddy and they were sending smileys of all sorts to the recipient on the other end of the ‘cyber-line’.. but the expression on this individual’s face was just plain, and expressionless…..

hmmm <- that’s what went into my head…. WHAT THE HELL!?? <- that’s what went through my head an hour later….

i took it upon myself to observe the expressions of people who were chatting, and friends who used “LOL” (man, do i hate such abbreviations and not-so-creative non-words)…more than half of these chatters did not reflect the expressions that they were expressing in their little chat boxes…..

and after gloriously pointing the finger at people and feeling betrayed about the insincerity of their emotions i looked at myself….well i couldn’t really look at myself, and i’m not insane enough to get online and record my expressions…though, now while i’m saying it, i’m actually considering it *takes a pen out of her hair and makes a note* …i just paid attention to myself…and my face did match my emoticons and smileys and what not, but it was much more subtle….

and that was all about a year back…. i noticed that off-lately i don’t even have the slightest glint of expression on my face…

in my defense, all emoticons used by me are genuine…unless i am super sleepy and don’t have time to clarify the meaning of things i did not understand and need to let it pass with a smiley…and this normally happens with people i can’t be too bothered it…unfortunately, no, you don’t know who you are….

anyway…all of this was spurred from a little text i got from a good friend about how he is moving on with life and how the poop that life scooped over his head has been brushed off and it’s a new day, ladeedaa…and a smiley with a tongue sticking out was the cherry on top of it all…. i felt good…it felt good…. a few hours later….i began to doubt how genuine it was…. there’s only so much you can take for granted in a message….

leave it to my to over think huh …

here’s lily allen for you… i believe that she was born cool…and she kinda scares me as well…

the song is too strangely – happy…this will balance it out… since we’re all for internet -speak today….

people, really sort-of, can sort-of, pretty much, always = shit..yeah that includes me..i know who i am..


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