think you got me confused for a better man (woman)

lazy bones…..lazy, lazy bones…..hate it when i go to bed when i feel like i’ve been in a bed all day anyway…..

not that i was really in bed all day…but you know that lethargic feeling you have on some days….? those days when gravity feels stronger than ever? and you taken afternoon ‘nap’ for 2 hours?

yeah one of those days…one of those annoying days…..when the most you’ve done is move from couch. top kitchen, to bed, to laptop….in 24 hours you must have walked for a maximum of 5 minutes…. i know, i know…i’ve described it enough…

i was known as ‘hyperactive’ in my school days…i’m 21 now, and today i feel like i’m 80 years old…..i stare into the glass sliding doors of my bookshelf….my only mirror in the room.. and think…’i must have confused myself for some one more capable than me’…

no , this thought was not based on just one day of sheer laziness… ‘that would be simplifying this,’ is what he said….in relation to something completely different…

i guess we’re all confused and all mixed up at some point or the other….i guess we all misunderstand ourselves at some point….and maybe sometimes over estimate or underestimate ourselves….. just maybe sometimes over estimating ourselves pushes us to strive harder and expand our potential….the more water i try to fill into the balloon, the bigger the water balloon will be…and till i push it, i won’t know how much water it’s capable of holding…

what’s more…? i’m really a water balloon, a blue water balloon, that can speak and type and sing…i can’t dance…but i can rock and roll….


think i got me confused for a bigger water-balloon


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