sucks to be you

a lot of my friends go back to university today….

and i want to run to them and do some silly dance around them and sing ->

no i actually would sing this… “you got to return to that shitty place, you’ll be around those people and their plastic face -es, you’ll have long lectures to attend and tests and assignments to do, i just needed to shove this in your face my friend, itmust totally  suck to be you!” … but M.I.A. is just cool….she oozes with coolness from every pore of her being..

the best part is….i don’t mean it…not the MIA bit, but the other lame line i came up with….yeah the university sucks but they got something definite to do… even if they are not very self disciplined….when dead lines approach…they have to pull themselves together, they have to perform and reach a goal… what results they obtain…depends…but they have that good feeling of completing something…. for those who care, that is….

and another thing is, it’s all set…you know that there’s a 70 to 80 percent chance of you obtaining that degree you’re working towards….the price at the end is more guaranteed….

security…..there really is some security…..even if you don’t decide to indulge in some part-time job or waste your summer or don’t reach other goals that you set for yourself…at least you’re still ….definitely…heading towards one goal…

but now that i don’t have uni to head back to, and i can’t, yet fund my further education…the security is gone…..self-discipline is the only thing that can keep you going forward or at least in one direction or the other…

hmmm…. i look around….so many little incomplete projects of my own…incomplete artwork, photographs that need to be fixed, half-written songs, songs with no music to back them up, opportunities that had to be ignored because of this…un read books, un-learnt theories…hmmm…. and now in a month we’re going to have relatives over…so my space will be squashed between their fingers , because you got to entertain the guests….always entertain, always smile…

it’s psychological, you know..or psychophysiological?… the position your face is in, when you smile, even elevates your mood…. there was a psychological study where people were asked to hold pencils or pens between their teeth for some time… looked like they were smiling….and as hoped, it lifted their moods…

entertain, smile,                                                                                                                                 at least you’re not in denial..


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