ok, so, as you know, dear wordpress…and who ever reads this stuff that i write/type….many, and i mean, many deaths have occurred this year…..i know people are dying all over the world every day but i mean, people i know, or people close to those i know have been dying…in a larger number compared to any other year…

and this is what i found…or what i think i have found about the effect the death of a loved one has on some one…

it’s like they get a glimpse of one inevitable, natural process of life…death…it’s so close to experiencing death that it stings them in this different way… any loss, they eventually get over death…but it’s effects tend to last longer…. so even though it’s similar…it’s not the same as any loss….

i think they see the bigger picture….the picture about life….little things don’t matter….they question the point in stupid conversations about clothes and new hair-dos, they don’t care if they ate chinese or indian for dinner, they’re just alive and they’re going to die…

that’s the state of mind they seem to go in…when time takes a toll on the big picture like the sea smashing against a big rock, it erodes this picture…breaks it down…and life goes on, with the small things becoming important, or at least a little more important than the insignificant state they reached in earlier….

these little things, i guess , make our lives go on the way they do….we are human, we are all are overtly or covertly confused about the purpose of living and birth and death and everything we believe religiously, spiritually and moralyl…and these little constants about our broken guitar strings, or clothes that don’t fit right…keep us physically moving forward..while our subconscious tries to processes the bigger picture….

we move in the small frames….that make the whole film….

a beautiful song… 


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