2 thoughts for today

thin lines between this and that…that and this…this and this …that and that…

it’s 5:20 ish a.m. here…sleep left me at 4….tea entered me around 4. 30, along with two granola bars, calculated calories and a whole jug of water…with vitamins too…

was standing outside my door the other day while returning from a volunteering session at this huuuuuge hospital… ringing the bell for some one to let me in…and i was thinking about this time when no one was at home and i didn’t have my keys…and i had to ask the watchman to open it in this very cunning, theif-like fashion because he did not have the spare key…

i just found the situation of being locked outside my own house as a very interesting one….because on one of the walls next to my front door is a key hanger with the house keys on it…and all that separated me from my keys was a door.. that was the only difference from being in and out….forget about the keys…think about that one, small, thing (the door) that separated me from being in one place (home) instead of the other (outside)… does that make sense to you…?

also, i was wondering, how, when i sign into, say my yahoo or MSN account…and all these friends of mine are online…and when you think about it, all these guys, are online at the same time as me, and they’re talking to me….so mr. A and mrs. D are talking to me, at the same time, but they don’t know each other… but they’re in similar situations….here, two people…or sometimes more, are all connected through one person, that’s me…

i don’t think it means anything…it’s just interesting…

5:45 a.m…… no, it did not take long to write this…i went about doing other things … i did not train myself to focus on one thing for more than 5 minutes…i feel bad at times….but i’ve learnt to be happy about it…it does have its advantages..

wonder what the rest of the world was up to at this time….

oh here you go…never gave this band a shot, but after seeing my friend cover one of their songs, i checked out the original…and though i’m not very metal-savvy…i enjoyed this..

if you don’t like this…then maybe check out this?…i always thought the song was by A perfect Circle…Living Syndication is pretty good too…

i can’t believe i’m actually giving you a choice of videos…because a ‘you’ may actually be non-existent… off i shall go…to live this day…


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