some wish list..

a big day, to commemorate a big event….graduation… it only has as much meaning as i give it…

i give it little meaning…it only has so much significance to me…the only way i was able to have an idea of what my parents might be feeling and thus, act accordingly was when i saw some of my closest friends go up on stage to collect their degrees….i felt my heart beat an extra beat…and i wanted to howl wildly…and just hold each of them and let them know how happy i was for them…

it’s done isn’t it?…so an end to that..wish that meant it would be a beginning to the rest of my life…

what’s next was supposed to be next in line ages back, but that hasn’t really happened yet..

hmm .. i’m not sure how to feel… what to feel…i just feel done…well done…like i’m16 years old but i’ve aged t about 75…infact i’ve aged and forgotten how old i actually am…

what’s with this? what’s with life…?

i wish i was water…i wish the little things in my life just worked out for a change, instead of working out all at once and then going all haywire…i wish i was tougher…i wish i had real wings… i wish i was ‘some one’..i wish i, was not this fool… i don’t want t be any one else….but i don’t want to be this …. i wish…i did it…all..with ‘heart’…and not with the illusion of heart….

blah, blah, blah, yada, yada, yeaah….


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