something about today…

okay, it’s needless to say that i, and a lot of us have those days when there’s just something about the day… ever since i have been open to hanging out with people more often and just going and doing things here, there, everywhere….i know that pretty much everyday something or the other will happen…..everyday will be interesting in some way or the other….

even if i’m being very me and just and sitting around the house…because my thoughts are more different now…they have evolved as well…

so when all that is new is really nothing new to me…in the sense that they don’t evoke as much surprise as they used to and i am getting to enjoy them differently now…why does the thought of today want to make me …. 

yeah…it wants to make me look like Edvard Munch’s master piece… and…scream…


i’m going to meet a friend i that i have met before…we got a lot to catch up on….i’m going to do some slightly new work at my so-called workplace….i’m going to have a pretty normal yet special day….but there is nothing to feel ‘screamish’ about….

so what does all this non-reason lead my mind to? still going in search for reasons for this feeling….and when the typical may not really help me make sense of it…i’ll slip into what my instinct or gut might be trying to tell me…

gut: ahem..

me: what?

gut: “friend”?

me: oh take a hike! you sound just like one of my friends….you’re supposed to be my gut! you’re supposed to be more sane…or are you?

gut: since when was instinct really linked to logic…since when did you see the logic in a situation that was predicted by your gut, before it happened?

me: uhoh?!

*gut slips under an invisibility cloak and disappear*

i know a lot is not in my hands…but this must be….it’s superbly easy to get carried away with thoughts and emotions about some one….but isn’t being 21 about getting a grip or at least a better grip over such things? i can’t hide under the excuse of “oh well that’s just me…i just get carried away”….no more excuses right….that’s being unfair to myself…

i guess at one point you accept that it’s all fine and dandy to hope and imagine a world where tea cups and cupboards talk and sing (like in Beauty and the Beast), and where towers collapse randomly to provide more visual space in the sky for one’s eyes to catch the sun’s art work in the sky…

but it;s not fine and dandy when things get real…not that the dawn and dusk are real…and not that they don’t involve any interaction between two mediums…but by real i mean REAL…by the plainly human kind of real….

i think it was in Spiderman, where they say that with greta power comes responsibility….i think with age, comes wisdom, which is power and thus, reponsibility…

gut: man, you can get lame.

ignore gut…she’s a slut…



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