miss know-it-all missed it all..

it’s funny how people, who are older…beyond their 40s, are so convinced that they have seen the world, all of it, in all its shades that there is nothing left for them to learn…

the times they say things even children wouldn’t say…things that probably babies would say if they did not have to indicate them with their actions, signs and ‘goo gaa’….are just over-looked…

how can some one, with the wisdom that an older person must probably have laugh at the idea of attaining some sort of enlightenment? doesn’t that show immaturity at its simplest form?

how can you ever learn it all, and ever learn ‘enough’ or ever stop learning? of course, you can choose to not go further in a particular subject…that’s fine….but you need to accept that you do not know it all, and give away the curiosity for the air to carry it to some one else who would like to know more about it…and that’s absolutely fine…but you cannot assume you know it all…

a theory, in say, physics may describe something in some way, may provide the foundation or understanding for a particular happening or the occurrence of particular events….but skepticism came about for a reason….skepticism shows that in different situations what you already know will can take the form of something completely new and unexpected….this may be because of your perspective change, the location of the happening, some variation in the objects involves in the happening….

a friend of mine quoted a philosopher’s saying learning while shisha puffs and loops were rising into the air…. i don’t remember the exact quote, but he basically said that, the more you learn, the more you feel you need to learn….the more you know about the world the more you realize how little you know…

the world is too huge, it’s history to deep, it’s dynamics, spheric, but so far reaching, wide reaching, in it’s physical aspects, and when the physical is taken in a metaphorical sense…it’s a lot, almost too much….

and in that sense, life is short….

some one else i knew quoted some one saying, ‘how can life be short when it’s the longest thing i’ll know?’…..i agree… life is long…sometimes even 18 years feels really long….21, feels like i’m pushing it…but in truth  i’m just reaching a point of exhaustion…

based on some basic psychological thought, exhaustion comes after the reaction when a stressor is present……if the stressor does not end, or go away….exhaustion comes ‘before’ death….

so i feel like “the end is near”…..

but we’re human….i am human (unfortunately) and the instinct to survive, will force me to destress and make a change to end the life of the stressor before i end my life…and my life will restart, and again i will live to live and go on, and enjoy or hate life….

so the life that was short will become long…

and in this length, it will be a shame if i, or anyone reaches a point of believing they know everything….

that’s pure stupidity according to me….that shows that whatever you have learnt has not been learnt…it’s just been devoured with no allowance for some slow, decent digestion to take place….

blah….people can be so blah.. pride, can make you lose out on so much….why bother with it then?…oh well…

the music is THE MUSIC … this is one of their really old tracks…


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